Gain Space with a Wall Mounted Ergotron Home Hub27 Desk

Hub27-DS-3Sometimes we live in tiny spaces from to households of 2 or more kids. You might not have space for a full desk. While some efficiencies have murphy beds, helps with making the work desk the same.

The Hub27 is an adjustable height work unit that you attach to a wall. The table flips up to bring a small footprint into your living space. It can also store your electronics, stationary, pens, paperclips and other items you may need for everyday office work.

It can also be put into any room to give you an extra surface to work with. In the kitchen it could hold the iPad full of recipes. In the garage you can have Youtube videos pulled up on fixing your car. Even the bedroom for a midnight work surge.

The Hub27 also is lockable which makes it a great option for dorm life or if you work in a shared area. The system also has a well and cable caddy to hold all your charger cables.

The frosted glass work surface can double as a dry erase board if someone needs to leave a message. It also comes out 3 inches from the wall so you can place small items on top for decoration.

The Ergotron Home Hub27 is $349.95. With this cabinet, you can do more than hold a computer in it. It adapts to your need.

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