Geek Smack! 207: Will Apple Cut Prices to iPad?


Geek Smack! – Finally can talk about what happened at Ford! Also, watch the SMF for the interviews at BlogWorld & New Media Expo. It’s been a stressful week, but some new projects are on the horizon, including a new show! iPad365 will debut on January 1st. It’s an iPad application a day for the next year. We’ll have and Audio versions of this show. Also, it’s CES time – we’re looking for people to help out.

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! Tech News:

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Diaspora Co-founder Dies
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First Gen iPod Nano Recall
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Amd Server Chips Bulldozer
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Salmon Rushdie’s Fight with Facebook
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If you are a big fan of bumper cars, this will excite you. Just in time for all those movies on robot boxing, you can do it yourself with this Bionic Bopper Car – Fight!
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Robotic – Robot Controls Person’s Arm
Celebrity – Shades to Impress Paparazzi
Comic – Patient profile – Bruce Wayne
Fitness – Underwear Burns Calories
Prada – NFC Chips Distinguish Knock-offs
Animation – Dreamworks has Found it!
Bicycle – Shimano Electronic Gears
eCar – Suzuki Q
Motorcycle – Jet Powered 1929 Harley

Geek Smack! Topic of the Week: Is an iPad Price Cut in the Future?

According to Goldman Sachs, they believe the iPad will soon cut their prices. The Kindle Fire and nook color are coming out in the next couple days, at $199 and $250, there is a lot of concern these tablets will finally dig into market share of the iconic .

So the real question is: Will Apple cut the price of iPad? Will they just offer a first generation iPad for a discount price?

Don’t expect the iPad to drop to $250. Maybe $399 at the most. But when the iPad3 comes out next year, it could be right back up to $499.

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