Geek Smack! 208: Will Spotify’s “New Direction” be Facebook?


Geek Smack! – Lots of moving and shaking in this last week. The studio comes upstairs for the winter. The website gets a makeover. The debut of iPad365. All this and the most exciting news – I’ll be on TV Monday morning!! Local news, but you will be able to see it on Roku later in the day!

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Smack! News:

Microsoft 8 Could Be Download
– Following OSX Lion by offering a download only copy of Windows?
Netflix Sales Down
-No Duh. Let’s offer some stuff, already!
Nook Color Teardown
-Doesn’t show much. Still, they tore one apart!
Ben Parr Fired at Mashable
– Something doesn’t smell right, here.
Apple PC Sales
– Add in tablets, and Apple might take the lead next year!
OTT: SlingPlayer App on Boxee
-Boxee is adding a lot of cool new content. First the USB TV tuner, now this!
– Tablets will be the hot purchase. Still, it’s not a $200 Kindle Fire.
Apple Black Friday Deals
-Wait, what? Apple might reduce prices for a weekend? Maybe, or maybe not…

Geek Smack Crap for Thanksgiving

If you are like me, you want to make sure your Goatee is clean and straight. That is why I recommend the Goatee Saver
If you are a little exocentric like me, you want to find things to have floating around the home or office. Maybe a Swimming Shark perhaps Nothing says holidays like a good old fashioned Nerf Fight!

Geek Smack! Geek News::

TV – TLC Getting Geek Dating Show
Photo – iPhone Case with Lenses
Star Trek – Win A Walk On Role for Star Trek 2
Game or Nintendo – Blue Wii Black Friday
Sleeping Bag – SSlice of Pizza Sleeping Bag
Star Wars – Animated Death Star T-Shirt
Arrested Development – NNew Arrested Development Seasons on Netflix
Robot – Fraley’s Robot Repair

Geek Smack! Topic of the Week: Where is Spotify Going? , Maybe?

Spotify is the new music service that came over to the US a couple months ago. They have recieved a good amount of attention, so why not strike when the iron is hot. They are announcing a “New Direction” for Spotify on November 30th. What would it be? Some people like Charlie Hoover believe a variant of Match, yet they don’t have a mobile device for it.

I will go out on a limb to say that it could be an acquisition by Facebook. It would line up pretty good with the Facebook Phone: aka Buffy, which would give them advantage to 800 million users. As long as the phone is under $100, it would be a very powerful trio.

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