Geek Smack! 214: MegaUpload, State of The Union, Yahoo, Google Privacy – What Should I Talk About?


Geek Smack! – It’s been a few weeks, eh? Lots of stuff happening at Geekazine, including 2 trips to CES and HP Tech Day. Now that everything has settled down, I can start to think. Thanks for making iPad365 a in it’s first month – numbers are growing like wildfire.

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 Twitter Censorship Policy
-Is it really wrong if the country disallows something?
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-Former CEO will become President
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– Will Superheros save the company?
Newest Facebook Scam
-You cannot revert back to the old .
Claim Your Files on MegaUpload
– How to get back your data
Google Privacy Policy
– Have you closed your account?
Samsung Loses Again
-Ban on Tab in Germany continues
Man Kept Out of US by Tweet
– Don’t talk about destroying something before you get there…

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: LEGOMAN in Space…
Superhero: RC People Fly
Geek: If You Wanted to Print Out Facebook…
Gun: How to Make a Million Dollars
Weird: Death of a Washing Machine

Geek Smack! Topic of the Week: In the Last 3 Weeks…

This last few weeks have been full of news. We saw Yahoo co-founder finally get it and step down. We saw MegaUpload MegaDown. We saw Google Empire get organized with a new privacy policy. We saw a that talked about jobs. So what do we talk about?

I say, let’s talk about it all.

First Yahoo – Jerry, this should have happened years ago. MegaUploads – When you go with a questionable company, you get a questionable product. Let’s hope you didn’t put something up there you need and made backups.

Google – It’s nice to have one policy, instead of a series of documents. We’ll have to see if it adversely affects Google.

Finally, the State of the Union. I refer to the line from the movie “Con Air” – Define Irony: A President that says we should penalize a company for taking Jobs overseas, but highlights a company that publicly denounced the workers in the US. If you didn’t notice, the SOTU bumped Apple’s stock up $25 /share.


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