Geek Smack! 216: MySpace is Back!


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This week has been a long one.


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Geek Smack! Tech News:

DOJ Approves Google Motorola Mobility
– There are a few caveats, like don’t use them to go against other companies.
Heartbeat to Replace Passwords?
-What if you have a heart attack?
– Verizon and AT&T will have one. Not Sprint…
Last NASA Mainframe Shut Down
– IBM Z9 was powered down today.
Reddit Got It
– Started banning sex ridden areas.
Fully Automated MIT
– One MIT course goes online and fully automated
New Scam – Facebook iPads
– Mark Zuckerberg will not be giving you an iPad.
Blackberry OS 10 Images
– Images surface of new RIM OS
Apple Hits $500 / Share
-Now I’m kicking myself for not investing in 2001…
HP Proliant Gen8 “Self Sufficient” servers
– Includes integrated Lights out management (iLo)
Mobile Connections to 10 Billion by 2016
– We are currently at 1.3 billion
Kodak Zi12 Dead
– All cameras has ceased production.
A Valentines Story with Words with Friends
– One couple’s story to finding love.

Geek Smack! Geek News:

Hoverboards on Pre-sale
Guns – Father Shoots Daughters Laptop
Gamer – iCade 8-Bitty
Phone – Evolution of Telephones
Airline – Fun with Planes
Tool – Gerber Multitool Tripod
Guitar – Millennium Falcon Guitar
Music – NES Guitar

Geek Smack! Topic of the Week: is Back!

MySpace is going back to their roots. It’s about time.

For most of you, MySpace was a word that died around 2007 when you switched to Facebook. ’s version of MySpace turned out to become “Not MySpace”. It also became the joke of the internet – To the point that Murdoch recanted Social Media.

But in the last couple years, MySpace did something that you might not have seen, but a lot of bands have. They went back to their roots. Of course, MySpace was first a musician hosting site, then added fans. Now, they focus on the musicians and bands.

When Justin Timberlake bought it in June 29th, 2011, we thought he was just taking from his role from “The Social Network” and do what Sean Parker did with Napster. Instead, he brought music to the forefront.

Now, with focus on MySpaceTV, MySpace could become the MTV of the internet. Their new music player brought back 1 million people in 24 hours.

This also brings a question of how the record companies will see MySpace in the upcoming months. Because MySpace can glaum off those thousands of artists that don’t have record deals. In fact, Who is to say that Timberlake doesn’t capitalize on that with his own record label (MySpace Records).

We’ll see how MySpace evolves. If done right, you will be coming to that social network once again.

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