Geek Smack! 217: Leap Year Edition – Apple Going in a New Direction?


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I took a week off because of health issues and also needed to get the CES videos out. The last 48 hours I unplugged myself as best I could just to try and get assemblence. Lots of things are bleak right now as I am waiting for contracts to pay me. Did go to the Milwaukee Auto Show and joined the Milwaukee Social Media Club learn a little bit more about Ford and their Social Media practices. Also, thanks to Coke for sending some original prints because of a hangout at the Coke archives I attended two weeks ago. Also talk about plans for SXSW and what’s going on with me and BlogWorld


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Geek Smack! Tech News:



Yahoo Threatening to Sue Facebook

Yahoo Threatens to Sue Facebook
– Up to 20 patents being cited
IBM Quantum Computing Breakthrough
– We could be seeing the next evolution of computing very shortly
Mozilla Drops Android
– Mobile Web doesn’t need it.
NO LONGER RUMOR: Apple iPad3 Next Week
– Best Buys have been secretly stocking up on them…
Proview Wants iPad Rights Back
– Says that Apple misled them.
Google + Lagging behind Facebook?
says people spend 3.1 minutes on + in January
 Huawei Releases Quad-Core Processor Smartphones
– Better start practicing it’s pronunciation…

Huawei getting Quad Core Smartphones

Huawei getting Quad Core Smartphones

Verizon Planning to Sell Galaxy Tab with 4G
– Still has a $500 .
Dell: We’re Not a PC Company Anymore
is competing with HP and IBM in the .

Geek Smack! Geek News:

Robots – Japanese Robot Football
Hacker – Google is offering $1 Million to Crack Chrome
Star Wars – Star Wars Wedding Cake
Biker – Bike Light or Gun?
LEGO – PriNXT, a Functioning LEGO Printer
Camera – Sony SuperZoom
Quilting or Large Hadron Collider – LHC Quilt
Mario – Super Mario Coin Block Pendant

Geek Smack! Topic of the Week: Could Siri Break out of Apple? What other Software Could Break Free?



Today, we found out that Siri, the voice assistant of Apple iPhone 4S – will be incorporated into Mercedes Benz vehicles. They are doing it to make hands-free voice assistance easier. It also sets a new model for Apple – going in-market outside of a self-controlled Apple environment.

Back in 1998, Apple cancelled all of their 3rd party contracts so they could control the hardware and software environment. That has been like that ever since (with the exceptions of iTunes, Quicktime and Safari, which have Windows solutions). But with Mercedes Benz getting the Siri software, this starts to ask a question – Is Apple ready to concede the proprietary hardware – software solution?

First, let’s look at Siri, and where it could go. You might not see Siri on an XBox anytime soon, but why not a PlayStation or Wii? Siri is in Benz right now, but could they also find the software in Ford, Chevy, Honda, and more? What about your refrigerator or washing machine?

We know that Apple is turning a new corner with CEO Tim Cook – doing things that Steve Jobs would have cringed at. Would Tim break the cardinal rules of Jobs and let the dogs run wild?

If Apple was to break their walled hardware-software garden and put other software on competing devices, people would start getting used to the environment, and possibly migrate over. Now I’m not talking about having Psystar start back up and making Hackintosh computers. But what if Garage Band or Final Cut Pro was available for a Linux based computer? Heck, what if you could get an Apple app store for Windows?

It would change the computer topagraphic immensely.

Then again, this might be a one-time occurrance. Never to repeat again. But wouldn’t it be cool?


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