Geekazine and the Channel – Blip Closing on August 20, 2015


If you haven’t heard, .tv will be closing its doors on August 20,2015. I have used to host since 2009, so I have to find a new home for over 900 videos. In the meantime, I put together a little on what’s going on and what you can expect in the next couple weeks.

Will Geekazine become a part of MaxMakers?

I have not made that decision yet. They ask for a 2 year commitment, which I get a little weary on. I have put in a request to meet with them, we’ll see what happens.

What is Happening to the Videos You Posted?

I have to download all 900+ videos and find a new home for them. Yes – Find a new home. Some will be archived at I am still working on a CDN option.

Will there be iTunes in the Future?

Possible. As you know, a channel video cannot port to iTunes unless you download and place on another hosting provider. Once again, I am working on that solution at this time.

For Those Still Posting to Blip.TV

STOP!!! Since the announcement, I noticed many still uploading to Blip. I highly suggest you put up your roadmap video like me to try and keep as much of your audience as possible.

NO VIDEOS AFTER AUGUST 20TH! That means your content will GO DARK. 

Below is the announcement letter. letter announcing the closing of Blip letter announcing the closing of Blip

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