Geekazine Podcast Ep 92 – 6-24-09 – Contests Galore


Back from Vegas and still going – The Summer of Podcasting Contest – Will be on Random Reality – My Local Interviews – Updcate to Voice.

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I – S.U.N. (Straight Up News)
Steve Jobs Back – 1 million iPhones sold. iLiver doing well.
CardStar for iPhone – No more KeyCards
Poor Psystar – Apple is goin for the throat
Nokia and Intel – Partnership for a
Motorola Android Smartphone coming?
Antivirus will come out – Named Morro – Bet your bottom dollar that Morrow – will be an Antivirus.
Pump and Dump Spammer – Busted!
China still Monitoring – It happens.
Google halts– We won’t Suggest it.
Gartner and Electronics – Recovery in 2010
All about .ME – New Top Level Domain


ASCAP Ringtones – Get a Clue, or do they really have one?
AMD Netbook – The $100 Laptop has finally arrived

Geekazine Logic – Notebooks are not Laptops. Netbooks are not Notebooks. Smartbooks are not Netbooks. Smartphones are not Smartbooks.

Mobile Flash – The Smartphone will get more complex.
FTC on Gifts for Blogs – Reaction from the Leo – Palm Pre battle?

7 Apps that make life easier
Goodbye Kodachrome
The Ultimate Green House – It’s BioDome without Pauley Shore.
Future ET Car for sale – Forget phoning. Autobahn home.
Solar WiFi Tent – Camping at it’s best

Alice in Wonderland

HP Videos – Backchannel
CES Videos – Geekazine
CMSExpo Videos – SDRNews

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