GWP 2010-05-26 #140: Podcast Winners, Carol Bartz Dropping Bombs, Notebooks Getting Better


Small change to the format of the show – Aug 4th will be at 150 Shows! We draw 2 winners for the 2nd Summer of Podcasts contest.  Detroit was a success, lots of new stuff for your cars. Memorial Day means a lot of music gigs, but I did write a new song!

Last week of the X510 DataVault Contests: Gottabemobile

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I – S.U.N. (Straight Up News)
Microsoft Shake-Up, Consumer Electronics
Apple Back to School Promotion
Dell Streak Tablet to U.K.
How My iPhone Dropped $102 in Value within 24 Hours
Twitter Closed to 3rd Party Ads
Sesame Street Fighter, Art with Attitude
Congress to Modernize Telecom Laws
What isohunt Takedown Means to You
Who’s a Patent Troll? Microsoft?
Where’s Yahoo Going with Purchase Location Based Social Network?
– (Off the Grid): and the F* Bomb to .
Anti-Pirates Sue Anti-Pirates, Black Hole Opens

Video – Starbucks Social Media Reach
QOTW – Will You Be Buying a Notebook Computer in next 12 months?

Cisco Smart Grid Products
Facebook… Blah Blah Blah…. Fixing Privacy Issues
Gartner – Notebook Sales Grew 43 Percent in Q1
Intel 32nm Wafer Chips = Thin Notebooks
NVidia Fermi 480 M
Forbes Acquires True/Slant Website
Soon Can Legally Unlock AT&T Phone (No iPhone)
Great News for Times Square with AT&T
Flexible OLED Computers in the Future

CES 2010 Geekazine
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