GWP 2011-03-30 #182: Late Night, Jam Packed Show


First take = System Crash. Second try for tonights went a little better. A Long weekend found for a longer Monday and Tuesday. Because of that, I couldn’t get the out on the regularly scheduled time. However, I did get some side work accomplished. Testing out Kompozer for HTML. Making plans for BlogWorld & New Expo New York. Next week is Building Social Relationships at MadisonSMC. Video of the Midwest Gaming Classic are up on Special Media . Finally, we got a longer show than normal, but testing out a theory.

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Show Notes:
Let the .XXX be Blocked by India
Jack Dorsey is Back!
WWDC Sells Out in 10 Hours
Arpanet Creator Passes Away
Superglue Inventor Passes
ASUS Eee Pad
Times Discounts as Paywall Launches
Third Generation SSD
Ray Slams Woman
Amazon Smartphone Music in Cloud
8 inch Chumby – Did they miss the boat?
8 Million Dollar iPad
Firefox for Android
Stop IE9 From Default Loading
Card Reader for iPad
Getting Burned, Getting Dumped Feel the Same
iPad Ahead of Competition?

QOTW: How Much do you Read Twitter?
Video: Ping Pong with Quadracopters
Check Out: Dropbox 3rd Party Apps Frenzy,

Happy 25th Anniversary Stand By Me
DUI Checkpoint App Under Fire
Twitter Consumption is .05%
Smaller Microchips with Nanotubes?
Kraft Mac&Cheese Tweets
Java to Google?
Mobile Payments One Step Closer
Artificial Leaf

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