GWP 2011-04-20 #185: Snow and Rain but Show Goes On


From the Snowy, then rainy Madison, WI. The studio had a little water damage. Last week I got warned by YouTube about Copyright. Finally got the Lenovo M90z I am giving away. That and Kodak’s commitment when Flip has flopped, Samsung sells to Seagate, .xxx domains are active and more. All on the show.

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Show Notes:
Samsung Sells to Seagate
XXX Domains are Live
Google Invites you to Edit Maps
Sprint Infuses Clearwire
Free TV on Bamboom – Is it legal?
No Mafiawars in MySpace
Sonos Music is Easier
iTunes 10.2.2
Twitter after Tweetdeck
Microsoft Office 365 Beta
Samsung vs. Apple
9 Renewable Energies that fit in your Pocket
DomoNation – Domo vs. Minions

QOTW: Thoughts on Cisco closing Flip
Video: Sergey Brin – Oct 6, 2000

Kodak Commits when Flip Flips Customers – Geekazine supports and endorses Kodak cameras.
Marketers Plan to Increase Social Media SpendingGovernment Sites Still remain Hacked Screening
Apple Pay-per-Click Rejections
Sandcrawler Building?

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