Hey! A New iPad Air! Apple Event Brings Mavericks, Mac Pro


I got my 5th pair of Google Glass last week, but they didn’t come from San Francisco. I talk about it all on TWIGG as Luke shows off the Texas state fair. Got a Fitbug Orb in the mail, so I’ll be testing out my health for the next couple weeks. Crowdfund has taken a lot of free time – 365 has been on hiatus until now (because I probably should talk about the new , right?) I’ll be speaking next week on Google Glass, so the show may be a day late.


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Geek Smack! episode Tech News:

Facebook Fail
– Facebook was unusable to some for a short time. I didn’t notice…
Project Shield
– No Avengers, but many sites will get Cyberattack protection
Yahoobing Souring
– Marissa Mayer might be stalling on the Yahoo! Bing relationship.
Nokia Tablet
– Will it come with a 41 MP camera?
Netflix Bests HBO
– Netflix has more subscribers than the pay cable giant.
Nokia Lytro
– The Nokia 1520 can move the focus just like the Lytro camera
Goodbye, Wii
-Japan discontinues Wii

Geekedia of the Week

Need a Website? Go Daddy has everything you need to get on the web!

Geek Smack! Geek News

Protection Plus
– Samsung might be putting an “All-in-One” protection plan. Hopefully that includes theft
isohunt Shuts Down
-The peer-to-peer network shuts down before an archive can be made. Smart move.
Vine to OS8
– Vine, Flipboard and Instagram will be coming to Windows Phone 8
8.1 ISO Stick
– Instructions on how to create an ISO for Windows 8.1.
iOS7 Word
– Man recreates iOS7 home screen using Microsoft Word

Geek Smack: iPad 5, , Macbook and Mac Pro

In the last 6-8 months, many Apple fanboys have been concerned their computers are not cutting it for process. I know of one group that switched to PCs because Mac did not have the compute power. Well now that has changed.

New available today. New Mac Pro coming in December. Lowered prices with a $2999 tag for Mac Pro and $1599 for (although the I need will cost $3200).

iPhoto, iMovie and Garageband also got updates with Mavericks and iOS7. Speaking of Mavericks – it will be available today and available for all Macbooks and iMacs as old as 2007. iMovie will allow you to use that 5S 120 fps video to slow down shots. Garageband will get 32 track ability. With a new sound library, you will be able to record items and even get a drummer to fill in your music.

iWork also got an update. Pages, Numbers and Keynote added new ideas and effects to bring your content to life. Use on iPad and finish on a Mac (how many times did I need that in the past?) Even iWork for iCloud was updated with Collaboration. It works with Mac or PC – all for Free.

Finally, iPad. With 81% of the market using iPads — compared to 19% of all others — and #1 of customer satisfaction, the iPad is the tablet to have. Thinner, lighter and more powerful than ever before. Smaller bezel at 43%. 7.5 mm thin and only weighs 1 pound. Inside, the A7 chip, which is in the iPhone 5S, bringing 64 bit technology to the iPad. The M7 chip is also in the iPad. 2x faster than 4th generation iPad and 8x faster than the original iPad.

Sorry – no fingerprint sensor.

With Wifi-MIMO technology (multiple antennas), you can get better internet coverage with the iPad. Dual microphones are also included for capturing sound.

The only downside – the 5 MP camera doesn’t match the 5S 8 MP with slo-mo technology and 2.2 aperture. Also, it has no backside illumination sensor, so the iPhone will still do better with pictures and video.

I also said that iPad Mini needed to get an upgrade or else the consumers will have been disappointed and sales might be affected. Apple saw that, too. That is why the Mini also got an update – the Retina display it desperately needed. Also with A7 chip (but no M7 chip – which could affect corporate sales [especially in health care]), Wifi MIMO and exact same camera specs.

iPad got new cases – Silver, white, space grey and black.  prices won’t change. $499 for 16 GB and ship Nov. 1st. Mini will cost $399 and ship later in November.

So is it worth the upgrade. The Macbook Pro – most likely, unless Mavericks updates can keep you satisfied. The Mac Pro – If you need a more powerful system, then yes. The iPad – yes because of the 64 bit technology will soon make older models obsolete.

Ultimately, I have to figure out how to get $4000 together to do some upgrades. I suppose it could be more…

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