HP Elite X2 with Wacom Stylus Pros and Cons Review

The first thing I ask anyone that is looking for a new laptop is “What are you going to do with it?” This is important because a gamer doesn’t want a business laptop and an executive might not want a laptop geared toward video production.

The HP Elite X2 is a Business laptop. Running documents, getting your books in order, and of course email and web functionality. With the and military grade standard, it can handle the situation. So let’s go through the pros and cons, then we’ll look at the overall specs.

PRO – HP Elite X2

The x2 is light weight and no bigger than a standard tablet. The precision-crafted device is meant for funcitonality and style. A high-level enterprise executive will definitely look good with this accessory.

Inside is the Intel Core M processor series. From the m3 at 2.2 GHz with Turbo boost, to the M7 with 3.1 GHz Turbo Boost with 4 MB cache and 2 cores.

This tablet is UPGRADABLE with the removal of 5 screws. You can replace the battery, screen, SSD, WWAN (Wifi), and even install a WLAN (3G or 4G) for mobile connectivity.

Security on the x2 includes HP Sure Start and HP BIOSphere. This device is MIL-STD-810G tested so it will take a spill, drop, and the everyday wear and tear. Perfect for government, financial, healthcare, or other businesses that require a higher level of security.

The kickstand on the device is built to be and stay rugged for years to come. It can be adjusted to 150 degrees for multiple viewing options.

This tablet comes with both a Front and Rear camera, so you can get photos and video of what you need or use the tablet for a video conference.

The business executive will love this as a great thin and light tablet- replacement. installed, the x2 will feel like a full size laptop, then a tablet when you need it.

CON – HP Elite x2

RAM cannot be upgraded. Memory is soldered on the system board. You can get up to 32 GB of total system memory, but take that into account on the initial purchase of the Elite x2.

Neutral – HP Elite x2

There is a single USB and USB Type-C port, which the Type-C is also used for charging. Therefore, a USB multi-port with Ethernet might be needed for connection into your companies network. And since the USB is toward the top of the device in laptop mode, you have a dongle-dangling, which ruins the overall sleek design.

This laptop comes with a Wacom touch stylus pen and digitizer, with 2,048 levels of sensitivity. Unfortunately, there is no place to put it when not using. This is not a cheap accessory and losing it diminishes the overall value of this 2-in-1.

The tablet also has a fingerprint reader, However, the placement on the reader makes it harder to use. It works best for the left hand.

A full-sized executive travel keyboard comes with the Elite x2. It’s made to be as strong as the tablet itself, with a felt-cover. The keyboard only works when the tablet is docked. If you want your keyboard to be mobile, you will have to invest in a Bluetooth keyboard option.

PRICE – Elite x2

Base unit Elite x2 starts at $899 from the hp website. It comes with 10 Home, 4 GB memory, 128 GB SSD and 12″ touch display with Corning Gorilla Glass. Free Shipping options also available. Add a Thunderbolt 3 dock for $209, or protective case for $39.

Purchase your Elite x2 at geekazine.com/elitex2

There are a lot more reasons to enjoy this Elite x2, but I am really going to focus on this marriage between the Wacom pen and laptop. I remember the first time seeing a tablet PC – and I’m not talking about a PDA. I got to see the Windows XP Tablet Edition in beta mode. I liked the fact you could write something, but there were many downfalls – the biggest issue being comfort as you couldn’t touch the screen or else the digitizer got confused.

Fast forward to 2016. Even the iPad has issues with using stylus, so writing or drawing is not an easy task.

With the industry preferred Wacom stylus added to this machine, I feel I can actually use it for handwriting and drawing. I can rest my palm on the screen as it won’t be recognized for anything else when I am using the stylus.

What this means is you can ditch that keyboard at times and use the pen to write notes, check boxes, and even screen draw, which allows you to bring more interactivity to your power point presentations or simply needing someone to sign a digital document.

A Wacom tablet on it’s own is the price of this 2-in-1 and you still need to connect that to a computer.

Like I mentioned before, the tablet is Military Grade Standard tested so it will withstand harsh elements and even a drop or two. I found it to be quite useful for taking on a plane. I could remove the keyboard and watch video or listen to music even with the person in front of me reclined.

While I was on the road, I used this laptop as a secondary machine. Since I do video production, this screen was used to call up apps that could control hardware audio and switching. It’s small footprint allowed me to place it to my left for quick access.

I also do some web work, so I’ll take this machine to a client site, then we can mark up a screen shot of the web page to see what the client likes and doesn’t. They even get impressed on how easy the Elite x2 works with a pen.

Overall, the HP Elite x2 is nice business laptop that has a 10 hour battery and security to keep your documents safe. To get an Elite x2, simply go to geekazine.com/elitex2


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