HP PageWide 577 dw Printer Pros and Cons

Can be sexy? Maybe not. But can Ink Jet be fast and very functional? You Bet! Let’s Geek Out at the and Cons of this dw 577 !


Keep in mind this is not a Laser Printer. It is an ink jet printer with a lot of advances from what you might associate an injet to be.


The PageWide disrupts the inkjet space. Other printers use an LED system that would move the printer head across the paper on 2 axis. PageWide does just that – a head that doesn’t move – the paper moves as the heads do a more competent job of laying down the ink. This makes the process faster and less ink smudge.


With great strides in HP Ink, the old water-based ink printer will smudge and bleed adding wait time for drying. The new pigment inks gives you overall better quality of your business proposals, contracts, PDFs and more.

Get your own HP PageWide 577dw MFP


The PageWide does a great job at photos, but is not meant for high-resolution pictures. I don’t think you’ll notice too much if you print out your cat photos or band posters. Keep in mind, the better quality paper will make a difference in the print. The PageWide 577 dw will technically print 600×600 dpi, but with the technology and the right paper, it can upscale to 1200 x 1200 dpi in B&W and 2400×1200 in color.


The original cartridges contain enough ink for up to 3,500 pages. The High Yeild cartridges can print up between 13-17,000 pages – depending on the cartridge.


I kept this printer unplugged for a period of time after some use to test clogging. After plugging back in, the heads cleaned up and the page printed without issue.


The price is $899.99 for the printer with all the standards. Ink cartridges start at about $139 Some might say that’s high, but the for the quality and speed, it really isn’t. The printer should pay for itself over a 1 year period.


This is the HP PageWide 577 dw printer. As you can see, it’s not a small printer, so you might want to make some room in your office. The PageWide is muilti-function, allowing you to scan, fax, print, copy and more.

The weight of the 577 dw printer is 48 lbs without additions. The frame is strong enough where you still want to watch how you lift it, but you can lift it right from the top tray.

Like I said in the Pros and Cons, the head is stationary so the printer won’t shake back and forth when you are making multiple copies.

Since the head is stationary, it can do it’s job – print fast and with high quality. You can get between 50-70 ppm in black and in color – depending on the print.

The ink cartridges are loaded in the front, fast and easy. Standard cartridges print 3,000 pages while the High Yield cartridges can print 4-5 times more.

Setting up the printer to your WiFi is pretty easy with the 4.3 inch color touchscreen. You can also set up the app to print from wherever you are. Discovery of the printer is quick and you are printing within minutes.

I’ve been reading some of the reviews of the 577 dw printer. It is difficult to find a negative review of this device.

But what do you think?


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