HP Pavilion x2 is a Laptop, Tablet, Kiosk and More

calls it their most versatile PC. It’s a laptop that easily converts to a and even a table tent for kiosk options. The folks at HP gave me one to play with and although I am getting compensated for this review, the review itself is my own opinion. So let’s get started with the specs, then see if this machine is worth the sub-$500 price tag.

x2 12 inch comes in 2 models – with an Intel ATOM x5 series processor and Intel Core M – thier 6th generation processor. The machine I have is the Intel core m3 at 1.51 GHz, 100 MHz Bus, 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB storage supplied by Samsung. 10 64-bit home is on the machine and it can be configured for PC or tablet mode depending on what you want.

The screen is an IPS touch display and resolution is 1920×1280. Intel HD graphics 515 to run HD videos.

Bang & Olufsen is HP’s new audio partner. They have been engineering great audio products since 1925. While the Pavilion doesn’t have the interesting design of most B&O speakers, it does have the in a front facing stereo system.

There is only one camera on the unit and it records and photographs in 720p. Finally, the keyboard dock allows for tent, tablet, laptop and kiosk mode by simply detaching the screen from the magnetic dock and flipping to your need.

Finally, there are 2 USB ports – one a type-C USB which doubles as the power charger port – Micro SD card, micro HDMI input and a 3-pole headset for webcam calls and hangouts.


Pros and Cons – 12 inch

Let’s start with the two issues I saw. First is the fact there is no front camera for tablet mode. People use their tablets to record video of the kids and life events. Without that front camera, they won’t be using the x2 to do that.

The other is a slight design flaw. If you set up the table-tent mode, the unit rests on the power button. Therefore, you might inadvertently turn off the machine in this position.

But let’s face it – those are small issues compared to what this machine can do as a single-core processor. Now this is the M3, and I haven’t tested the ATOM version which has 2 GB RAM and 64 GB Storage.

The 33 Wh battery gives you about 8 hours of full use before recharge. That means this is a great machine for on the go and ready for classes and other events that power outlets are not available for. You will need the power supply to recharge – I tried a Type-C plug from another power source and the machine simply doesn’t allow it.

I have watched a few movies in bed because I can flip the keyboard around as a stand. I also like the fact the keyboard doesn’t rest on the tabletop like some other 2-in-one machines.

I installed FutureMark from our friends at 3DMark software and the results were not too bad. Graphics rendering had some framerate issues and the overall scores were better than an office PC.

The speakers allow for me to move the machine further back for two people to snuggle up and watch, but also give you Bluetooth mode for headsets for when your partner is sleeping.

HP says “Stunning detail in every pixel” and I agree. I enjoy tablets where portrait mode gets you more reading real-estate. Perfect for reading long posts, web pages, ebooks and more.

With a full sized keyboard included, this is a perfect balance of portable and functional. The mouse needs a bit of learning curve to right click on items, but easy to get a hang of.

And while it’s not meant for more powerful functions, I was able to work some video on the machine without a multi-hour wait time.

Get the HP Pavilion x2


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