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Lots of great stuff this week as I prepare for NYC and TechCrunch Disrupt. Finishing up videos this week. Also catching up on some products I had in the wings for a couple months.

The studio is getting a spring cleaning so it may look a little different. My office is a mess with boxes and gear I set to the side. I can barely walk through the room anymore!

Still waiting on the Aereo vs ABC supreme court ruling. I’ll keep you updated if anything changes.

TWIGG was awesome last night but I am having a hard time trying to really understand Google Hangouts. The service took my microphone sound and clipped it. Since I can’t hear my own voice, I had no idea until it posted. I’ll have it fixed by next show.

Thanks to all that emailed me about the Glass XE16.11 issues. I showed how my Glass was bricked last night, but will talk about the replacement information today.


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Geek Smack: FireTV – A Real Game Changer

Before I left for Vegas and NAB, Amazon released their streaming media box in the FireTV. I got it within 24 hours to do a video review comparing the 4 streaming devices. Now I am back and more settled, I have decided to take a full week of using the product. You might be surprised what advantages you get with this new box.

First of all, I know a lot of you love your . I do, too. The box is awesome for getting content – especially a lot of my shows through the Techpodcasts network.

Once I really started to use FireTV I noticed it had some advantages even over Roku.

First and foremost – if you rent movies via Prime, watching on FireTV will get you the HD version of the movie. Doing it on a Roku would only be in SD format – with a option to pay for the HD version.

I really started to notice less of a lag in video through my FireTV. Not just of the Amazon service but other services such as . We’re talking a very small – yet noticeable difference. Its like commercials within are instantly ready and queued for playback.

If you really want to see a difference, try loading a HuluPlus show on . There are points I wait upwards to 30 seconds for a commercial. When the show starts back up, noticeable skips occur because cannot pre-load too much content.

Switching over to games, I was playing some great titles on FireTV. The free game “Sev Zero” showed off some of the system’s graphics. I then loaded up 2 for a retro feel. I was impressed how that game brought me back to the 90’s. I also suggest any game company to put their arcade hits on FireTV, for they will get a resurgence.

The real downfall is their voice activated feature. Even though Gary Busey likes it, I find it incomplete. Jennifer showed me how it really lacked wow when she spoke “ Plus” then “Open” – thinking the voice activation would recognize non-search commands.

Overall, if you own a Chromecast or even , watching video on a FireTV is a very noticeable difference. I will still be switching between Roku and FireTV because some content is not available on the device. However, with the side-loading of apps and easier developer section, It might surpass the 1,000 apps Roku had right now.

Geek Smack! episode 298 Tech News:

  • No IE – Of course a zero day issue was found, causing even the US government to say don’t use it
  • Nokia’s Direction – New CEO Rajeev Suri has a big uphill battle – giving Nokia (or whatever they will rename it) a new identity
  • Macbook Air Price Drop got a new processor and $100 price drop.
  • E.T. Exhumed – 31 years ago, Atari dumped their worst game – E.T. – in a landfill. They Dig Dug it up.
  • The TWC – Charter Shuffle – If you are a Time Warner subscriber, find out if you will become a Comcast or Charter customer
  • Novell Finally Loses – In the 20 year anti-trust case between Microsoft and Novell… Wait – What?
  • Netflix on Verizon Getting Better – Netflix strikes a Comcast – similar deal with Verizon to make your movies load better
  • Sonic through Oculus – You can see 1st person version of Sonic the Hedgehog through Oculus Rift

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