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Last week I decided to take a week off – sort of. I was suppose to be at an event but a series of issues kept me at home. Therefore, I reduced my regular schedule and spent the just relaxing (as much as I could) and starting a new book on Podcasting. Back in the zone this week – iPad365 back up and running after a small and a great episode of This Week in Google Glass with Luke last night.


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Geek Smack: iO7 Gets Facelift, People Saying it Looks too much like Android

Last week at WWDC, Apple released the new version of iOS in iOS7. Tim Cook says its the biggest change since iPhone was released. Yet many people mocked Apple – saying iOS7 now looks more like an Android phone.

I put out an image (see below) that kinda mocked the statement. It really put everyone to blame – After all, Apple made a great point that the most used Android OS version was developed in 2010 (at 33%). I talked with Luke Wallace about this right before our TWIGG show and he mentioned that Google does all it can to support all models while the developers can still easily support the older OS.

This is not the first time a company was accused of stealing form and function. Ironically, back in the original desktop wars, Apple accused Microsoft of stealing the idea for GUI – Graphical User Interface. Apple took Microsoft to court because Windows GUI seemed to be heavily influenced by their Lisa OS. This was further complicated when Xerox sued Apple for the same claims to Xerox’s GUI.

Now we move 10 years ahead. Mobile devices are the new computer and we have the same problems. Are they problems where Google could sue Apple for a similar look and feel?

We definitely want to protect intellectual property, but in some accusations, it just feels like they are trolling and hope to win so others can’t use a “Slide lock” or “way the icons are displayed on the screen”.

It’s like if the city of Houston sued the City of Kansas because the sky and cloud coverage looked similar to each other.

Let’s hope we don’t see an issue like that. Lawsuits – while sometimes necessary – only hold back innovation and raise costs.

Apple Fail or Google Fail?

Apple Fail or Google Fail?

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