Is Yahoo Pulling Out of China?

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Last week I was on a one-day contract. I’m back this week with another great show! You might notice a small difference on the video as I decided after 3 years to change up the beard. Let me know what you think! Day in Tech History had a brute force attack over the weekend. It was annoying – the tried 525,000 times before giving up. Hope you all had a great – I spent it playing with the band, relaxing and having fun. Now its time to switch gears and get out of Summer mode.


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Geek Smack! episode 272 Tech News:

Microsoft Nokia
– Microsoft buys the of Nokia for $7 billion and maybe Microsoft’s next CEO…
Blackout Over
– Time Warner and CBS reach an agreement to turn their stations back on the
Password Software Improved
– New can handle up to 55 character passwords.
Facebook Flaw Fixed
– Hackers could delete Facebook photos through this . It’s now fixed.
Western Digital Updates
-New NAS and SATA drives
Amazon Whoops
– Amazon new Kindle paperwhite debuting on their Sept 30th event


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Geek Smack! Geek News

Reddit Ban
– r/news bans from the list for manipulation and spamming
IFA Kicks Off
– IFA starts this week. New technologies like smartwatches, phone lens attachements and more powerful will be debuted.
Google Earth
– Interesting Before and After photos from Google Earth
Spotify Connect

– Streaming Spotify to
Price-fixing Settlement
– e-book buyers could get $3.06 a book settlement for a price fixing issue

Geek Smack: Yahoo! is Leaving China?

Two weeks ago I reported that Yahoo! email was closing. Overnight, Yahoo! took things one step further as they ceased news and community services, moving everyone over to Alibaba. Is this showing that Yahoo! is getting out of China?

Yahoo! decided to close their email services in China and port users over to Aliyun – also an Alibaba property. The email registration closed on Aug 19, but you have until December 2014 to switch email.

So is Yahoo! pulling out of China? Not necessarily.

Yahoo! has a 40 percent stake in Alibaba. To compete with the giant is not always the best solution. In fact, Yahoo! has been phasing out their presence in China since 2005 when the web site shut down.

By Yahoo! giving more traffic to Alibaba, they have a good chance of making a lot of money when Alibaba goes public.

Yahoo! Also has a bad name in China. If you follow my Day in Tech History podcast (Sept 7, 2005), you know that Yahoo! caused two journalists to be imprisoned because of Chinese law. This has haunted Yahoo! since.

So the end result is it looks like Yahoo! is pulling out of China, but has a lot of strong ties. As long as those being forced to leave Yahoo! mail decide to move to Alibaba.

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