LG Ultrafine Monitors with Nano IPS Technology

This year, CES may have had a blackout, but they couldn’t keep the down. At , we got to see some of the best screens yet. From the “ Cavern” – a room with curved monitors showing different scenes, making it look like you were walking through a cave, forrest, and more – to their flattest TV yet – the Signature OLED W8 TV.

I talked with Matthew on this new technology, and got to see the TV’s and monitors myself. With a large viewing angle, 600 nits of light, and DCI-P3 technology, these monitors were crisp, and showed so much detail that I will start to notice from older monitor technology.

The 32UK950 monitor is also a 3 connected device, so you can daisy chain multiple monitors for a bigger and better view. It’s hardware calibration ready, and also contains 5Wx2 speakers for your audio needs.

This monitor will be out in a couple months. Check out LG’s CES page on new monitors.

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