ModMic 5 Gaming Microphone for Your Favorite Headphones

is an for your favorite headphones that don’t have a microphone attached. While at SXSW, I talked with Antlion – the company behind the ModMic 4 and .

What is ModMic?

This is a microphone that can be affixed to many headphone combos to turn into a . Using a neodymium magnet and an adhesive attachment for the headphones, you simply let the two click together.

ModMic 5 is switchable between a uni-directional microphone, and a Omni-directional. With a single flip of the switch, you can go from high-quality voice recordings, to noise-cancelling goodness if the surrounding environment is a bit noisy.

The microphone is modular, with an extension cord, and a mute switch adapter. With the additional adapter, you can plug your ModMic 5 and headphones into your smartphone to take a call. A USB converter is also available for PC and Mac use.

ModMic is available now for $69 on Amazon. You can also check out Antlion for other versions of ModMic.

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