How to Create a Powerful Video Title with NewBlueFX Titler Pro 5

Since I use Wirecast and Vegas 14, I needed a good program to create titles and lower 3rds for my videos. Two years ago I was introduced to and . This has completely changed how I have created content online.

I’ve been using their newest version – – for a while now. The first couple revisions had some bugs to them, but once they got straightened out, I was able to use without issue. I loaded up on my main desktop, along with my travel laptop to create videos for CES, NAIAS, and NAMM.

What is Titler Pro 5?

This is stand alone software that can create and edit titles, lower 3rds, and other for your videos. You can make a from scratch, or simply use one of the templates to build upon.

Titler Pro does work with software like Magix Vegas 14, Wirecast, Adobe Premiere and After , Final Cut Pro X, HitFilm, Avid Media Composer, and Grass Valley EDIUS. The stand-alone version allows a person to focus on building titles, then bringing them into your videos after.

Changes in Titler Pro 5

The biggest (and most needed) change was the overhaul of the interface. The new app allows you to easily add, adjust, and even transition your objects with little issue. Creating a simple lower 3rd is easy to do and can be completed within minutes.

Titler changed the workflow by how it caches the workspace. Sometimes you would get stopped when you made a change waiting for the program to catch up.

If you have multiple titles, you can adjust as a shared or unshared group. That means if you need to move over some text because it is longer, it will not affect the other titles unless you share the title.

Moveable workspaces allow you to set up the window the way you want. When you choose an item, the proper windows and settings will now appear so you can continue your work.

Thoughts on Titler Pro 5

Like I said before, when I first got the update, it had some bugs that made it difficult to do anything. Those got fixed quickly, and I was able to move forward. I find this new version easy to use and perfect for when I need to whip up a quick title.

Creating a Powerful Title or Lower 3rd

In the video I show you some title options using the NewBlueFX templates, or how to create a very simple title – this case a lower 3rd.

Titler Pro 5 Price

Starting at $299, this software will easily pay for itself. Get Titler Pro 5 now.


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