Orbi AC3000 First Look (RBK50)

Orbi AC3000

Orbi AC3000

At CES, I got to talk with Netgear about the popular Orbi satellite system. Since then, Netgear has sent an Orbi AC3000 for review, which I’ve been checking out for the last few weeks. I have been using similar “Bridge” options by Netgear so my Wifi signal covers my whole house.

What is Orbi AC3000 System?

This is also called “ Networking”, the initial RBS50 device is the , with 4 – 1GB LAN ports, and a USB 2.0 port for external storage. The itself has 6 antennas, and an Internet speed of over 150 Mbps (if available by your service provider).

Add the Satellite Router (RBRS50)

While the router can give you 2,500 square feet of , adding a single repeater can double that . The satellite also has 4 – 1GB LAN ports, and 1 USB 2.0 port. Adding more satellites can strengthen the 5,000 square feet range.

Wifi Overlap - why you need a repeater

Wifi Overlap – why you need a repeater

Orbi Uses Beamforming

This is a where the router finds the satellite, then sets up a focused beam to the device, instead of sending a wide signal. The router can attach to 3 satellites, giving you coverage of your whole house, business, or whatever you need.

Cons of Orbi AC3000

The AC3000 router and single satellite costs $319.99. While this is pretty expensive, keep in mind this is a higher end wireless router that can handle multiple connections.

The bigger issue is the plug design. The Apple “Wall Wart” design makes it difficult in placement of the device. I would like to have seen the transformer unit shaped different, and possibly not attached to the Pronged plug itself.

Overall Orbi AC3000

This is a great router to upgrade to. Internally, it can transfer data to your connected and wireless devices easy and fast. It has a lot of great features for small business owners that want to give Internet to their customers. You can even set up Amazon Alexa to administer features through voice commands (e.g. “Tell Orbi to turn on guest access”).

Get the Orbi AC3000 RBK50 Here. Also check out the Netgear Orbi website.

In the Video

I show you the wireless signals you may be dealing with, what you get in the Orbi AC3000, and more.


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