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Geek Smack!

This last weekend was full of birthdays and car work. Catching up this week and having a hard time doing so. Next week is SXSW so I have to get the final plans put together. Also got another GoinSXSW and HP TechCast episodes up.


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Geek Smack! Part I:

Goodbye Cookies
How Firefox wants to reject 3rd
Windows 7 Gets IE10
Microsoft lets Windows 7 users get the latest version of Internet Explorer
Real Tingline Spidey Suit
Outfit that uses ultrasonic reflections to make a suit ‘tingle’
$132 Twitter Client
Falcon Pro app price was raised to keep people from downloading.
A Good Password Tip
If you are asked , simply lie
CableVision Sues Viacom
forced to purchase an additional 14 channels and they don’t like it.
Dreamworks Layoffs
After a poor Rise of the , Katzenberg talks about how Dreamworks will have to lay off people for the first time.
Yahoo’s Ultimatum
Marissa Mayer tells employees to work at Yahoo or quit.

Geek Smack! Part II: 

Angry Birds Animated
Animated Series of Angry Birds to debut on March 16
Invention Scares Lions

How this boy talked on TED about his invention that includes lights
Firefox Flash Patch
If you use Firefox then you want to update your Flash player
LEGO Challenge
Building a with LEGO in the MacGyver challenge
Apple Rejects Cookie Tracking
Certain iOS apps will get rejected if they have cookie tracking to it.
Urbanize the side
Google Social Log-In
Certain websites get a Google social option like and Twitter does. Why is it so exclusive?
LG TVs with the WebOS software will come out in 2014-

Geek Smack: The Evolution of computers – From PCs to Tablets and Google Glass

I remember looking at my first personal computer – a 386 with EGA CRT monitor. Since then I had a corner in my house for the latest computer. Eventually it evolved into a art studio, recording studio and podcast station. The desktop has been a part of my life – even though I also have 2 laptops, iPhone and iPad.

Now we’re in an age where the PC can finally be replaced with tablets and other devices. My desktop might be the last one I own. Heck, even these laptops might be the last ones I own too.

HP’s Meg Whitman is adapting the 7 inch tablet over a PC – this being a year and a half after the WebOS debacle. HP will be focusing on tablets over computers. Why? Because we don’t need that big bulky box anymore.

In the meantime, Google Glass gains momentum. Turning your eyes into an information kiosk takes the smartphone out of your hand and puts it next to your eye.

So it might be that we don’t need the PC anymore. Actually, I do. I also need a tablet and laptop and maybe a Google Glass when it comes out.


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