Podcast Ep 111 – I remembered what I was going to say


OK, so this show ran long and I was getting ready to say something about , but then BAM! totally forgot about it. That never happened before during a show. I was going to talk about my thoughts with and their pay service. But that will have to wait until next week.

Windows 7 is installed! Now it’s time to tackle the sound issues (again). We announce the winner of the Madness contest. The road to CES and sponsors are needed. Working on this years charity. Roundtable is this Saturday. The Wave of the Day.
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I – S.U.N. (Straight Up News)
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Thanks John Obeto: Nigerian Spammers Got the Slammer
Cable Modem Modder Charged
AT&T sues Verizon
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Paypal X – Suck it
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A bit about the Windows 7 install
Windows 7 is an upgrade
Apple Kills Netbooks
TV on iTunes
Cisco Will Rival with Set top boxes

QOTW – Would you buy a Twitter Gizmo?
YouTubin – Vodka Crash

Twitter Gizmo
Free email costs LA 1.5 Billion
Skype now Open Source

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