Podcast Ep 90 – 6-08-09 – Back in Madison, WI


The new location is cool – Setup a temporary desk while figuring out office – SuperChirp – Heading back to Vegas for the HP

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I – S.U.N. (Straight Up News)
Twitter Attacks Fakes – Are you Authentic?
Bing Leaps Yahoo
Ballmer: Taxes could Move Jobs – If Taxes rise, Employees might not be in the US.
XBOX 360 with HULU? – They’re looking at new opportunities.
China Security Software – Where Big Brother can watch.
Homeland Security Gets Black Hat
Full List of Names
Cyberspace Review Lacking – Security Experts want more
Bank Trojan Netted $112k – What came from YOUR wallet?
WINEHQ 1.1.23
40 Years of UNIX

Leo Blowing up at

Keynote: iPhone 3.0 – Tomtom coming. More on Keynote
Windows Gets Stuff, too
Old iPhone 1.0 May Loose Out
Pre Breaks Sales – Is it enough to save Sprint?
Pre Issue
T-Mobile Data Hacked – How it affects users.

CTC Scarpar
QOTC – Would you Pay $1 a ?

Yahoo Microsoft Partnership? is out.
Online Ad Revenues Drop – Should we be concerned?

The Worst Yahoo Answers
7 Years of Mozilla
Best Science Websites
Death Star BBQ
USB Powered Microwave
Best PC Cases

You Tubin:
Leo and Arrington – Warning: Strong Language present.
Apologies and explaination

CES Videos – Geekazine
CMSExpo Videos – SDRNews

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