Podcast Ep 95 – 7-15-09 – The Kittens Take Over.


New iPhone – Week 3 Summer of Podcasts – Should the bitrate be 64 or 96? – Should the contain music? – Show Transcript? – My Interview

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I – S.U.N. (Straight Up News)
Bullish Windows 7 – Testers Wanted
Older WinMo Can Use App Store – Windows Mobile 6.0 and 6.1
HBO, Cinemax on Comcast – TVoE is coming…
CBS is Joining – Hulu Hurting?
Netbooks to Double – The Disposable Computer
AT&T Not the Fastest – Verizon 3G is Faster?
Girl Txt Into a Hole – Parents Sue
USPS Goes Open Source
Designated Driver App – Dude. AGAIN!?!
Cat Purrs Exploit – Awww. A cute kitten

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Free Version of Office – Online at least.
Apple Tablet – Possibility looks Good
Twitter as a Job Qualification

QOTW – Are Universal Chargers a Good Idea?

Google Helps Clouds – They bought the Stairway
Sony Says No to Activision – $400 PS3 may mean no 55.
Kids Stop Watching TV Start Wii – Is this really better?

Cosby Jello Shots
New Use for Old Circuits
Sync iPhone with 2 Computers

Win95 on iPhone

Technology Forum Videos – Backchannel
CES Videos – Geekazine
CMSExpo Videos – SDRNews

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