QSC Touchmix Series Mixers for Professional Sound

Years ago you would get different mixers to fit your need and they would also need many different accessories based on your use. QSC has shown us with the TouchMix series that ideal has changed and you can get one to do it all. From boardroom to live band.

The is a series of compact that can get you the right your looking for. With only two models available in the TouchMix-8 and the TouchMix-16, you can get your up and running in no time. A device the size of a laptop, the TouchMix has the ability to mix from either the console or from a tablet or phone. It records up to 32-bit in 44.1 or 48 kHz. It has a dynamic range of 105 dB and input noise of -126 dBu.

The mixer also comes with presets so you don’t have to spend lots of time tuning in the sound. Needing to mix anything from a drum to a vocal, the presets give you a starting point or even a refresh point if you go far off the path.

EQ, compression, gate and four premium stereo ’s are available at your fingertips. The mixer can send whatever sound to the main speakers or to a monitor on stage for the performer. It even has the ability to drive in-ear monitors directly.

Both TouchMix units also allow for multi-track direct to disk recording and playback. Simply connect a USB hard drive and hit record.

TouchMix-8 gives you a total of 12 inputs and 8 outputs in which 4 you can assign to wherever you need. TouchMix-16 gives you up to 20 input and 12 output options. Both units allow for Phantom power, 4 effects, 50 presets and pitch correct to any mono channel.

The TouchMix-16 is $1,299 and the TouchMix-8 is $899. Both units are available now.


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