Revolutionary Gittler Instruments Introduces B4F Bass

Playing the Gittler Guitar

Playing the

Made of Titanium, the Gittler Guitar is a lot different than any other out there. Not only does it look wild, it’s also very interesting to play. Yet I get the chance to noodle on this guitar and check out the new B4U Bass.

The Gittler Guitar has been around since 2013. These guitars are all titanium and move away from a traditional guitar. For example, there is no conventional fretboard, so you can do more with your guitar such as push to bend notes more. I was making a full vibrato strumming chords.

The guitar was created by , a musical visionary who tried to dispel common misconceptions of guitars. The biggest hurdle to overcome – making a guitar that doesn’t look like one.

The Gittler guitar is made of abrasion resistant Titanium. LED lights up key frets like a pearl inlay would to a fretboard. The guitar also has a patented locking string mechanism, adjustable bridge, 6 individual pickups, locking strap and an interchangable acrylic neck if you need more support.

This year, Glitter Instruments introduced some new into the line. The B4F Bass guitar is a 31 fret 4-octave bass.

The Bass guitars start at $6500 and the guitars start at $5750. You can get a Gittler Here

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