Roadie Bass Prototype, Roadie 2 Tuner for Guitar

I sat down with the folks at to check out their new tuners at NAMM 2018. 2, which is available now, is the update to their popular guitar / mandolin / . They were also showing off a prototype for the new Bass, which will give low string musicians a tuner for quick fixes.

How the Works

Simply choose the string, what you want it to tune to (such as an Open E guitar), then go through the strings by placing the device on the nut. When you hit the string, the tuner will determine the note, and make adjustments.

Once you’ve tuned up all strings, you can put it back in it’s carrying pouch to play.

and Roadie Bass are $129 each, with the Roadie Bass available later this year. Get Roadie Guitar Tuner Here. You can also check out the Roadie Website.


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