Rosewill SP 7260 Computer Speakers for Movies, Music, Gaming

If you are looking for a sub-$100 set of stereo speakers for gaming, movies, or , the speakers will fit the job. These 60 Watt speakers have a range of 60 Hz – 20 kHz to capture a full range of sound.

I tested these speakers in multiple capacities – as the replacement speakers at the TV and in the studio for music and podcasting. My results were a decent 4 ohm for your listening needs.

One issue I found with the speaker was the “wood case”. Inside I saw press board, over an oak board they had in the graphic. While pressboard does also give a fuller sound over plastic casing, I was a little disappointing over this feature that Rosewill mentioned.

Another issue was the 6 foot 4-pin cable used to patch speakers together. While it worked for me, if anyone needs something longer, they can only go to the manufacturer or splice the cable they have.

Other than a bright LED light (which I used tape to cover), the speakers do a decent job for the price. I ran tests on the speakers and found them to perform better than the 60 Hz they stated. The speakers work well in a 40 Hz rumble capture all the tones clearly.

The speakers are a little larger than others, but I had no issue with that. Putting them on stands at ear height helps for the best sound experience.

You can get these Rosewill speakers at Amazon for $85 right now.


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