Rowkin Bit Charge Wireless Headphones

With the 7’s loss of headphone jack, you might be looking at wireless headphones for your music or movie listening needs. While I was on travel last week, I checked out the Rowkin Bit Charge.

This is a Bluetooth headset that will give you about 2 hours of music and recharge in an hour. I can even use this for phone calls and as a headset microphone.

While the latency won’t let you create music in Garageband, it will let you listen to music and watch TV or movies without issue. Pairing the headset is easy and it can pair with multiple items.

The headset also has a microphone, so it can be used to answer phone calls, talk to Siri, or even record on Facebook Live, YouTube, Periscope and more. I recorded a couple Instagram stories using the headset in a noisy environment and it sounded better than from the iPhone itself.

Rowkin Bit Charge in Ear

Rowkin Bit Charge

The earbuds fit snug in my ears and didn’t hurt. I wore them on a plane and they cut out any extra sounds around me.

The unit costs $129.99 (Single Earbud available). You can get the Rowkin Bit Charge on Amazon.


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