Sampletank 2 for iOS Walkthrough

Sampletank 2 in Song Mode

Sampletank 2 in Song Mode

Today I’m looking at Sampletank 2 – an iOS app that allows you to create grooves and samples for your DJ or acoustic rock shows. With over 1,900 high quality samples, you can create, save and your works through your iPad or . Connect up a iRig Keys or iRig Pads for more control.

Sampletank can be run in 2 modes – recording (Song) and live. In the live mode, set up your instruments and patterns you plan to play. You can change or mute them upon a touch. You can also adjust pan, volume, EQ, and reverb to get the right sound. Layer mode allows you to assign items to your MIDI controller, then recall by simply hitting a button.

In Song mode you can create loops or samples. Create new patterns or choose from the pre-programmed patterns to spruce things up. Adjust the tempo and time signature to your need. When ready, record up to 8 instruments for your desired sound.

Sampletank in Live Mode

Sampletank in Live Mode

There are two virtual interface modes inside Sampletank if you don’t have your interface connected. and Pads interfaces. Use whichever feels comfortable for you.

This 8-track MIDI recorder can then be exported to your Amplitube, VocalLive, Garageband, or other music program. You can even import into your computer’s DAW for even more tracking options.

You can get a free version of Sampletank, but for $19.99, you get a solid MIDI music creator. Get Sampletank 2 for iOS here.


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