Sense ThermoPeanut Smart Wireless Thermometer

As we get into the colder months, we make the plans to weatherize and even smart-plan our home. Maybe we got an IoT based thermometer. I just personally bought an Infra-red heat fireplace because this house doesn’t have a fireplace and I miss it.

But as we try to keep our homes energy efficiant and warm, we still are looking for the advantage. Maybe the kids say their room is colder than yours at night. Without putting a in every room, we can only guess if that’s true.

Now we can put a thermostat in every room to take the guess out.

Last year the folks at Sense came out with the Sense ThermoPeanut. A Bluetooth enabled device that can be placed anywhere and bring back .

SensePeanut data can be sent to any iOS or Android device to show you the temperature difference your home might have. It can also be sent to multiple mobile devices so everyone is aware of what’s happening. Action can then be taken at home or through an IoT device.

The SensePeanut also has the ability to connect with your thermometer to make adjustments. And there are also some great recipes out there that help you keep a warm house.

But this can go beyond the house. With a handy belt clip, I can take the SensePeanut with me. If you run, you can put a Peanut on your skin in a couple places to see how cold you get.

I travel with a Pelican case – a secure hard case for my video gear. Inside I placed the Peanut to find out how cold my case gets in the air. Interesting enough, I could access the Peanut right from my seat and even know when my case was loaded on the plane.

The SensePeanut can run on a CR2032 coin cell battery for 6 months, depending on how much work it does. It can measure temps from -5 to 140 degrees Fairenheit. You can set a range of temperature and if the Peanut gets outside that area, it will warn you. It can even beep from the device.

The app allows you to connect to multiple Peanuts. At $29 each, you could easily monitor a house, luggage, yourself, inside your car, or wherever you put it.

Put it in the fridge on the inside door. If the kids leave the door open, you’ll know. You can also connect to a smart plug to turn on a heater or fan depending on the temperature.

Finally, as a musician, I need to know how hot or cold my gear gets. Having the Peanut in the acoustic guitar case will warn me if it’s too cold or hot. After all, I don’t want to have the wood warp or crack.

The Peanut line is planning to expand, too. With a soon to be sleep peanut, medpeanut and peanut button, you’ll be able to turn your house into an Internet connected lifestyle for just… peanuts…


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