Sonos One is your Alexa, and soon Google Home, or Siri with Spotify

Smart have come into our homes in the last year. Something that can play , become a hub for your other smart devices, and even be a personal assistant. One is a speaker that not only connects with Amazon Alexa, but is focused for the music lover.

With 50 music services available, Sonos One allows you to play music, podcasts, and other audio right from the unit. Attach your Amazon account, and say “Alexa, tell me a joke”.

Multiple Sonos devices in different rooms can enhance your experience. You can even mix in services with the Echo series, although you might lose out on some of the music services if they are not skills.

Sonos One Can Be Part of Your Sonos Theater System

and One devices are pairable, to create stereo sound. If you purchase the Sonos Playbase or Playbar, then with two Sonos One devices, you can play games or watch movies in surround sound.

On the top of the Sonos is the touch sensitive panel. Microphone on/off, volume up/down, and play/pause are on the top. Power button is in the back, next to a Cat 5 Ethernet jack. Keep in mind, this unit can be wired, or wireless.

The main feature is a better speaker for music. In fact, Best Buyreviewer “theDing” said “The sound on this just destroys any of the Amazon products”. And I agree.

A sub woofer twice the size of the Echo, and tweeter pointed outward like a regular speaker does projects sound in a forward direction (as opposed to Echo’s stacked speaker configuration that points the speakers downward). I ran a couple RTA (Real Time Analyzer) tests, and found a better bass response from a standard Echo.

This is due to Trueplay speaker tuning – an internal program that will adjust to where you put the speaker for the best sound.

Comparison of Sonos One vs Echo

Comparison of Sonos One vs Echo

On Sonos One is six custom microphones with noise control that detect anyone’s voice, even if the music is on full blast. I find this to be better than the Echo, as I can get the Sonos to respond to my voice more times than the Echo when I’m across the room.

One service missing at this time of the is Spotify. Sonos promises to have this option available by Christmas. Two other great options coming soon are in 2018, and a way to support through AirPlay 2. That means you can buy one product that will control most all devices that don’t normally mix-and-match.

There are two colors to the Sonos One – Black and White. The device is stylish, and can be placed most anywhere. It does require a power source – no battery onboard. Therefore, the limitation is simply the plug.

Cons include Lack of Bluetooth to this . It routes through wireless protocol, therefore, you cannot connect your phone to this device for calls. You can play music and use any app that uses the wireless protocol.

Best Buy reviewer “Breezy77” also noted how he would like the ability to mount the speaker on a wall. Of course, you can easily head to any hardware store to pick up a mounting shelf that can do the job.

The Sonos One is available for $199 at Best Buy

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