Star Trek Divergence: This Isn’t Your Father’s Star Trek

This we talk about the in and how the franchise grew from it. We also have images from Comic Con from Amanda Blain, Calvin Lee, and more!

I also talk about the HP Pavillion x360, ToughTested USB Charger and the issues I had with copyright when trying to do this Facebook Live Video!

Morning Geeks! Episode 13 show notes:

– Goodbye Gary Marshall

We start on a somber note as we pay tribute to a geek of film, Gary Marshall. This man shaped our viewing habits in so many ways. From Dick Van Dyke Show, Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, Mork and Mindy, to Pretty Woman, the new Odd Couple, and even the upcoming movie called “Mother’s Day”. There is a bad joke out there saying Scott Baio took him over the line after the announcement that he will be speaking at the Republican National Convention. At any rate, We here at Geekazine thank you, Gary Marshall, for all the laughs and great moments in TV history.

– McDonald’s as a PokeStop

If you’re in Japan and a fan of , then you need to learn this phrase. “Youkoso. Pokemon-wa, Doko desuka?” At least I think that is how to ask to find the Pokemon in Japan. But first you have to ask “Koko de, Makudonarudo de”. That is because McDonalds is the place you can go for a Pokestop or Pokemon gym. Also don’t forget the phrase “Anata wa sore de ikut-su ka no furaidopoteto o shitai to omoi-masu?” or “Would you like some fries with that?”

– First look at Marvel’s

The first for Marvel’s Luke Cage hits the Interwebs. It was shown at Comic Con yesterday. This is another “Defenders” tie-in with Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist. The series is set for 2017

– Ascendant to TV?

Here’s an interesting twist: The TV show community always said “Six seasons and a movie”. How about “Three movies and a series”? That is what might happen to the Series. The final chapter, which was originally split into two movies, is now thinking of turning it into a TV movie and series. Lionsgate is only mulling the idea at this time, but it would be a great way for them to continue the cash flow for a few more years. We would probably have to get over the character changes when Shailene Woodley and gang decide not to do the TV series part.

– First Look at The Tick

Wait. This is the first look of Amazon’s “The Tick” reboot? It looks like they molded a costume out of Silly Putty. It’s bad enough they don’t have a strong-jawed character in the suit, they had to make the suit look like a bad winter sweater? Ugh!

– Someone Finished Pokémon GO

It looks like someone doesn’t have a life! Apparently a Reddit user named “FTB_Hodor” has captured every Pokemon Go character the game has out at this time. But you know that is going to change soon! FTB Hodor apparently walked 96 miles to capture them all. That is about 6 miles a day, which would mean about 3-4 hours a day on the device.

– Goodbye VCR

Pictures came and broke your heart. Put the blame on the VTR. Yes. I said VTR – Video Tape Recorder. That is what it was called before VCR. Now the VCR is going the same way that Video Killed the Radio star. The last tape-gobbling machine rolls off the production lines today. Not sure who’s gonna buy it, though. “Um, yeah. Can I get tapes for that?” “No”. “OK, uh can I get movies for that?” “Uh, no”. Well why did I spend $500 for it?

– Live Action Futurama?

Finally, here it is. The Live action trailer you never wanted to see but always did. Cinema Relics created a Live action version of Futureama. Bender, Fry, Leela, and the gang come to the real world to continue their travels. These movie trailers look so real I would actually want to see the movie. Just like the Daria trailer I just saw from College Humor.

New to This Week

– Star Trek Beyond|
: Collision Course
– Lights Out
– Beta Test Full Movie
– Nerve

We all know that Star Trek is a juggernaut. The iconic show has been around for over 50 years and since then has seen 13 movies and 6 – soon to be 7 official TV shows. From Next Generation to Voyager, Enterprise, and the new show that will be online. But for some, you will be able to catch it on . That is, if you live outside the US. Why not on in the US? Because CBS wants you to get their service which they only have here.

The fanaticism is overwhelming at times. Comic Con is happening right now and I’d bet there are a few Star Trek cosplayers out there. If I had a dollar for every Trekkie at Comic Con, I’d be rich. So there are some very fanatic people out there. Which is why it’s so surprising they accepted the “Kelvin Timeline” story. I would venture a guess in saying there is someone sitting in their basement right now going “NO!” They probably don’t even care for anything past the original cast.

But let’s look at the new version and the contraversies that came with it. One issue was John Cho’s “Sulu” character coming out of the closet. While George Takei was not excited about it, he was appreciative with the gesture. But the real question still remains: Was the original Sulu gay? The other issue is the death of Anton Yelchin. JJ Abrams stated he will not be recasting the character. We don’t know if he is going to be dead or just take another job.

This opens up Trek to a whole new era. I’ll take a line from the Big Bang Theory in calling it the “Anything can happen” Trek day. Just like Lost, Game of Thrones, or Walking Dead, anything could happen to a character.

It’s not the first time we saw an alternate timeline. The “Mirror Mirror” episode from the original series brought a fracture in dimension and Spock had a beard for a whole episode. It would be interesting if a future movie will have the cast battle with… well… the cast with goatees.

In the end, people have accepted the Kelvin Timeline as Star Trek and are willing to shell out the cash to see this movie in 3D IMAX, or Ultrasound. People will overlook the quirks and applaud and the gang.

BTW – there is a theory out there that says the Kelvin Timeline could eventually implode. Maybe before Jean Luc Picard shows up. Although it would be interesting to see this taken to the Next Generation. Wil Wheaton could play Jonathan Frakes “William Riker” character.

That is, unless he looks good with a shaved head and can say “Make it So” in a british accent

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