Star Wars Commander Video Tips to Level Quick

Star Wars: Commander

Star Wars: Commander

I’m a fan of the 3rd person war base game and Star Wars. So when I was asked to do a quick review of Star Wars Commander, I had no problem with it. This is a paid video, but my opinions are my own.

About Star Wars: Commander

Available for iOS or Android, this game allows you to fight for you who believe in: Rebels or Empire. Your task is to build a base that the enemy cannot win and attack their bases to gain coin and iron to build more of your base.

With iconic Star Wars characters such as Chewbacca, Han Solo and Princess Leia or even and , you can take them into battle to help your cause. Join a group to give and get more forces to use in attacks, along with gain new friends.

Tips Video

In the video I talk about how I spent the last few days building my base, the importance of the walls, and what 3 items you need to focus on during upgrades. This is no different from any of these other 3rd person war building games. If you go through the plan, you should have a nice base built fairly quick without purchasing gems.

Star Wars: Commander is available for iOS and Android and is free, but does have in-app purchases.

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