StompLight brings out Quick and Powerful Lighting Scenes

I play . Even with the band we sometimes get stuffed in a corner by the dart board and the only lighting I have is the ones I bring. That is where StompLight can help as it’s a effects pedal for me and my band.

The StompLight  is a non-DMX controlled pedal that can put put into your guitar effects board or simply placed on the floor. A 3 button, 2 knob pedal will allow you to turn on and off the lights, set the color and even set the mode from a single color to strobe, fading and more.

The built-in microphone allows the pedal to listen and react to the . You can even plug it into your sound so the StompLight only reacts to what you play or sing. Adjust the sensativity to create the emotional environment you are looking for.

With the additional power supply option, you can use this pedal in a portable setting. The battery will allows for around 7 hours of use. Also a perfect light for load-out so you can see what you’re doing.

Finally, you can get a few StompLights and connect via the cable to control all at once.

The StompLight will be out soon with a price of $395.00. The Battery pack is an additional $65. More information at



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