Tablift Tablet Stand Holds iPad, Kindle, Surface, Xperia in Bed

NBryte Tablift Holds All These Tablets

NBryte Holds All These Tablets

Sometimes as an entrepreneur, my work at home life can allow me to do a lot of cool things – no pants days, no commute work week and especially work from bed days. Whats cool is when I have some neat products to review that keep me in bed such as Tablift.

What is Tablift

This is an adjustable leg device that allows you to enjoy your tablet or phone hands free. Whether watching a movie, surfing through Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or any website, you can lie in bed and play Candy Crush in comfort.

Tablift has three slots to help in positioning your tablet. If you are lying down or sitting up you can set the tablet or phone in the direction you need.

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And it doesn’t matter the tablet! I have my Sony in the Tablift right now! You can even use a Surface, Nexus, Kindle, or more! Here is my Kindle e-book reader! Here is an old – here is my 1st generation .

The legs are adjustable to fit around your body. Changing positions is easy as the device can change with you.

Pros and Cons of Tablift

So here we are – in bed with the tablift. But is it worth the $60 price tag?

First of all, the legs are a little small for a body size like mine. I can get in comfortable positions but have to work a little at it.

The elastic band strap is a nice idea but I do get concerned at times its pulling too hard on the tablet – especially from this first position.

If you have a case on your tablet then you might not be able to use this. All three slots in the tablift are 10 mm wide. It would have been nice if there was an adjustable option to one of the slots. Otherwise, I have to take the case off to use it in bed.

The tablift is a little bulky and might be a little hard to use if you are in bed with your partner. I would also love this to be a little smaller for travel. I could then put it in my suitcase and use it in the hotel.

BTW – the adjustable legs can be used on a plane to not only hold your tablet, but also keep your legs together so you are not encroaching on the people in the next seat.

Amazon customers currently give it a 4.4 star rating. I am going to give it 3.5 stars out of five. I would like one with legs an inch or two longer and the adjustable groove so I can rest the tablet with case in.

Finally, tablift is not the easiest thing to store – a cloth bag to put under the bed or a wall mount to hold the lift when not in use would be really helpful.

What I can do is get some work done, read or watch a movie before I fall asleep using the tablift.

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