What Technology is Coming This Year – CES 2014 Roundup

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Although I did not get symptoms other than this cough, I guess I came down with something from CES. No biggie. Gotta keep moving, right?

Very in-depth TWIGG episode last night. We talked about if Google Glass can handle itself with the upcoming wave of wearable tech. Lots of great news as we caught up from a 4 week break.

Temperatures are cold here but at least the sun is out. I spent all last night getting my desktop back up and running from the crash it gave right before CES. May need to get a new PC.

Great news — I’ll be heading back to Vegas next month, but looking for a sponsor to cover travel. More in the episode.


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Geek Smack! episode 288 Tech News:

Intel not “On Cue”
-TV service was bought by Verizon
Lenovo After IBM Server?
– Lenovo wants to buy IBM low-end server division
LG Flex
– The curved LG phone is coming to Europe next month
ATM and Windows XP
– 95% of ATM machines will have to upgrade. NOW!
Windows 7 is Back
– HP is offering Windows 7 on machines because Windows 8 is not what customers want
HBO Go Password
– Does someone want to share their password with me? After all, HBO doesn’t mind…
20 Million Phablets
– The phone/tablet hybrid seems to be popular

Geekedia of the Week

Geek Smack! Geek News

Worst Passwords
– What do you use as a password?
Apple Heath
– Health experts are being hired by Apple. Why? Because that iWatch is going to be more than just a watch…
Youtube XBox
– YouTube celebs are getting paid to talk about XBox One. Funny, I didn’t get an invite…
Chrome Extensions Removed
– Google removed a couple extensions due to not following guidelines
Google Glass Sex App
– Its not what you think. It’s there to help you
eBay Bitcoin
– UK eBay allowing some virtual currency transactions
Charter Wants Time Warner
– $61 billion bid turned down, will they offer more?

Geek Smack: Top Technologies that We Will See in 2014

Of course I spend 10 days in Las Vegas to not play slots or bet on Superbowl teams. I go there to find out what’s happening in technology. On the surface the answer looked bleak, yet the underdogs might have shown us a new way.

For instance: wearable technology doesn’t stop at Glass or watches. By June, we might have a watch that can monitor most (if not all) of your vitals. Reebok has wearable clothes that tell a coach if the player needs to be pulled out of a game. Basketballs and hockey pucks will be able to tell us more about the game than we ever expected.

4K and curved technology: As Netflix prepares a 4K version of “House of Cards”, people will start to line up for the higher resolution. Curved TVs are suppose to offer a better perspective, but you need to get a 50 inch TV and can’t stand further than 8 feet away to really get the effect.

LG bought WebOS last year and turned it into a TV. How amazing is that — taking technology from the dead and giving it new life?

I talked extensively to AMD about “Steam machines”. Gaming consoles that are centered around a specific game. Will this effect XBox and Playstation sales? Will desktops start coming back into the homes?

Sony and Canon really showed off some great HD video cameras that are no larger than your phone. These devices could record a concert, meeting, or other event in highest definition — even allowing you to connect to a drone and fly overhead. These devices will reduce the price of any Youtube studio setup or VLOG.

Speaking of which, Nikon showed you can take a camera and create 3D models with it. I hope to have my 3D version to work with very soon.

Chevy showed you can really turn a car into a mobile hotspot. Imagine having Internet access even if you lose your phone? Don’t even have to worry about battery life – cars will have solar power options to keep the battery life up.

Finally, the crossover from laptop to tablet is taking some interesting turns. Sony had the best idea with a flippable screen. Yet, Intel is working on a project where the laptops have screens on both sides.

By the end of 2014, a lot of us will be using wearable technology, watching 4K TV and even have a better idea of their health simply by how technology is shaping this year.

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