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As a , I know how hard it is to not only get what you are worth, but also promote with a jar. Even as a patron, I never get to the front of stage to throw a couple dollars in to support the . Now, with TipCow, I can do it all from my phone and don’t even need to be at the show.

Sitting down with (CEO of TipCow) at SXSW I found how they are different than any crowdfunding project out there. They vet and curate the artists on TipCow. That way someone else doesn’t claim to be your band and take money from your pocket. You must also be able to prove who you are or else they will not add you to the service.

can be outright, or parts of specials. Tip and get a drink from the bar or tip for a CD or TShirt. Specials can be for items at the venue or later on (like an electronic download of a song for example). It doesn’t replace a sale, just gives incentive to tip.

But the best part is that anyone can tip you at any time using mobile or desktop. Maybe you didn’t make it to the front of stage the night before. Simply look up the band’s name and give them a tip. You can tip out with credit card or PayPal.

Chris also explains the low rate TipCow has to cover costs of credit payments and overhead. If you put down a $2 tip, $1.50 will go to the artist. He explains the percentages within the video.

Another great reason to use TipCow is the analytic tool. You can find out what area tipped you the best and go back there. I would even run a contest to come back sooner to a venue if they sent the most tips.

You can have a tip jar out whenever you need it. I’ll be using this with my band, along with my solo acoustic work. Comedians, street performers, magicians, actors and more can also participate in TipCow. Simply sign up at TipCow.me and start getting the tips you deserve!


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