Triby: A Unique Assistant Delivered with Amazon Alexa



Last year brought personal assistance to the home. Inside is Alexa, the voice behind this . Amazon is working with other companies to bring into their products. Invoxia is one of those companies with their latest device called “Triby”.

This is a family-friendly device that can be set on counters or magnetically placed to the fridge or other metallic area. The device is not only a hands-free speaker for music, cell calls and VoIP calls, but is also a way for the family to communicate when they are not at home.

Connected to Wifi, can connect and send messages via their tablet or phone. They don’t even need a cell signal if they are away from the house. Simply connect to a Wifi service and send a pre-programmed message. You can even write simple messages like “I’ll be 10 minutes late” or “Order Pizza”. A yellow flag will appear when a message is waiting.

Other features for Triby include Spotify Connect for streaming. 4 microphones attached will allow you to call  out for Alexa to play or stop music, answer calls and more. Triby comes in multiple colors and is available now for $199. The Alexa version will not be available until Q1, but will also be $199 when it is out.


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