Twitter’s IPO: Is it Facebook IPO all Over Again? Geek Smack! 6th Anniversary Episode

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6th anniversary of the podcast is upon us! I started this show back in 2007 – named “The Show”. Fourth pair of Google Glass is going back to Google. This time, the camera died. I talk about it on TWIGG. My EmpireAvenue account is at 112 but more interesting is the numbers watching and listening increased. Crowdfund for CES is looking great – we’re planning T-shirts for backer levels. Getting closer to launching the new website to bring more validation to podcasts.

I’ve been trying out StreetJelly in the last week – a website where you can listen to musicians playing live. You can even tip them tokens. I spent about 10 hours over the weekend working on my acoustic show once again.


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Geek Smack! episode 278 Tech News:

Nest Smoke Alarm
– A smoke alarm / carbon monoxide tester that alerts you if there is a problem in your home.
HTC Gold?
– HTC has plated 5 of their phones with real gold. Watch out when you hold it, though.
– Instagram looking to add ads to feeds
Buy Apple
– Investment firm Jeffries says that Apple is a good buy and expected to raise to $600/share
40% Online
– Globally, 4.4 billion are still unaccounted for when it comes to being online via or home Internet
– Kids smartwatch that keeps track of whereabouts, communication with parents
Nokia, Finland PWNed
– Someone changed the town’s name to Microsoft for a short time.

Geekedia of the Week

Pre-Order the Nikon 610 DSLR Camera

Need a Website? Go Daddy has everything you need to get on the web!

Geek Smack! Geek News

Android More Secure than iPhone?
says that it is…
Bendable Smartphone

– LG’s new will have a flexible OLED screen to it
Hangouts SMS
– New version of Hangouts (1.3) rumored to be getting SMS features to it.
Samsung Ban Enforced
– US decided not to overturn Samsung’s gadget ban
Yahoo Mail Sweet 16
– Mail gets beefed up with new look and features for its 16th birthday
New $100
– New hundred dollar bill adds more high-tech security features to it

Geek Smack: Twitter Gets an IPO.

You may be wondering if Twitter is still valid in this day and age of social networking. BusinessInsider has reported in the US, only 49 million are on the service – as opposed to the 128 million on (215 million monthly active users overall) . Yet, Twitter is looking for an IPO of $1 billion – even though experts are valuing more towards $20 billion.

Is Twitter worth it? Further, will Twitter do the same thing Facebook did and fall flat at the start?

Let’s look at what Twitter has done for social networking. Twitter started in 2006 with a simple 140-character “What are you doing”. Twitter is simple and its API can easily be integrated into a website – making Twitter a great single logon when you join new services – especially mobile apps.

Twitter brought many ideas to the table. If it wasn’t for Twitter, a hashtag might not be on Google, Facebook or even a search term. Embeddable posts started on Twitter two years before anyone else.

Twitter has two patents – US 8448084:  “User interface mechanics” (scrollable list of contents) and US 8401009: “Device independent message distribution platform.” (sending/receiving short messages). They also have patents from some of the companies they acquired like Tweetdeck, Bluefin, Dasient).

They also have a patent in waiting “Device independent message distribution platform “.

It’s not as robust as Google or Facebook’s patent library, which some say could hurt Twitter. Even a couple years back, Twitter was sued by TechRadium for “Emergency Alert System” patents. Since then, they have settled and Twitter moved forward in becoming just that. With backings from FEMA and Red Cross, their system was turned it on a few days ago. It already was tested with the DC shooting last week.

Its simple: When Osama Bin Laden got killed, people watched the Twitter feeds. When Michael Jackson died, Twitter was the first to be swamped with comments.

An easy to use social that gets the word across. That is what Twitter has over Facebook and Google. That and less annoying photos about how 95% of the public cannot solve some math equation…

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