Veeam’s Non-Virtualization Tool in EndPoint Backup Free

announced the release of their newest line in Freeware – the . This is software for those businesses whom are not completely virtual but still need to tend to critical machines. This can be anyone’s machine from your Boss to your Mother.

Veeam started around 2006 with a tool to backup virtual machines in Veeam Backup Free edition. The freemium model has worked well for them, and along with their other software Veeam continues to innovate.

The Veeam EndPoint Backup Free is targeted for laptops and desktops running Windows 7 or better. It also backs up 2008 and better.

I sat down and talked with Rick Vanover during their “VeeamOn” conference in Las Vegas, NV. He was adamant that although Veeam didn’t have a roadmap with this product, it does have a direction.

EndPoint Backup Free will start a Beta phase around November, with an early 2015 launch. Even though its freeware, there will be online support for those using the tool. There is no plans for premium support to this product at this time.

The desktop or laptop will backup just like the virtual backups do so it can be put wherever you need it – from a server to a simple USB drive.

This is the conversation I had with Rick right after the general announcement of the Veeam EndPoint Backup Free.

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