VOX NBX150H Amp with NuTube Technology and Starstream Guitar

In the last year, has been coming out with great amplifiers with their new . Tubes that take up less space and power while adding great functionality to your sound. While at , I got to check out the newest prototypes of head in the .

Vox NBX150H

The NBX150H is a Prototype that can go all the way down to 5 Watts. The head gives you a high gain amplifier that also gives you the sounds you might need.

Inside is the NuTube technology – a flat tube that takes up 30% of a standard tube. It gives you the same drive at 2% power. This design came from the Noritake Company who manufactures high-end televisions. Vox acquired the technology to improve the amp.

Vox Starstream Guitar

The Starstream provides a wide range of guitar sounds from acoustic to electric and even non-guitar sounds such as banjo or synth. This is a stand-alone guitar, so you can connect to any amp or direct to the board and control sound, distortion, reverb, and many other options.

The Starstream is available now for $799.


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