Walmart Goes VR with Capital Factory

Is more than just gaming? Yes. It’s about experiences. I found that out at Capital Factory in during SXSW. Madeline Feldman talks about what we’re seeing while in and what Walmart is showing off on the 16th floor.

About Capital Factory

A place to work, a place to learn. That is what Madeline told me. Located on the 16th floor of downtown Austin, Capital Factory houses many different companies that just need a space to work. The incubator is open to the public at times to also see and learn. Simply check out their website at

Walmart and VR

Picture yourself shopping a local store without leaving the home. That is what Walmart showed off in the VIP lounge. In all reality, VR shopping could happen today, with items shipping to your door within minutes. But this is only a small part of what VR can do.

The VIP Lounge

Many other vendors show off ways to simplify your life in the VIP Lounge. My friend, Dave Mathews was showing off his company’s platform called NewAer using proximity to find, purchase, and learn.

I also got to check out Pepper – the brand engagement robot. Pepper greeted me and took photos for the Capital Factory wall.

In the Video

A full interview with Madeline, along with shots from the VIP lounge. Please like and subscribe for more goodness!

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