WIN a ROKU 2 XS – Also, Should We Worry about Getting Guns through the Internet?

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So it’s been a quiet week here in WI as we started to get Rain again and the yellow grass is slowly turning green. I suppose that means I have to start mowing the lawn again. Check out the new website – How to Record Podcasts ( a new website with information and how-to articles.

Once again, we continue the Win a Roku 2 contest. This is the last week you can enter. You have until Friday. Watch the show to find out how to enter!


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Geek Smack! episode 231 Tech News:



will be here in 10 days

How to Prep for Mountain Lion
– Apple Mountain Lion software coming in the next 10 days. Of course, you can back it up. So do so, now.
Windows 8 Store
– Free Seven day trials for paid apps. Will start at $1.49
Apple Wants $2.5 billion
– Apple is getting over $2.5 billion to settle patent infringements
YouTube Asks for your name

– Will you give it?
Toshiba Three-Year Low
– Largest NAND flash is continuing to decline.
RUMOR: Next iPhone with 19 pin dock
– Time to send those 30 pin cables to Goodwill
Netgear WiFi Booster
– For $40 you can repeat the WiFi signal in your house.
NTP Announces Patent Settlements
– RIM lost $612. from six patents. Bridges are missing their trolls.
Skype Wiretaps
– New service makes it easier for to tap into your conversation.
VMWare Buys Nicira
– 1.26 billion for this startup that started six months ago
Nexus 7 Killing Kindle Fire? 
– They give 10 reasons why Kindle should worry

Geek Smack! Geek News:

iPhone Stun GunPhoto – Canon EOS Mirrorless
OTT – Hulu new Video Player
Movie Reboot – Man of Steel Teaser
Crowdfunding – Stun Gun iPhone Case
Aviation – Amelia Earhart Birthday
Space – Goodbye Sally Ride
LEGO – History shows LEGO almost went Bankrupt

Geek Smack: Dark Knight Shooter Buys on the Internet

Now, first of all, Holmes had to go to some brick & mortar shops looking for guns – He needed to pass the background check, which can only be done there. Ultimately, Holmes went to the internet to buy some of the items he needed. Vest, magazine holders, knifes, rounds and more.

While you can purchase guns online, there was no mention from the reports he did that. One report said he upgraded a Glock pistol to an AR-15 rifle. We don’t know where he got the explosives for booby-trapping his apartment, for the police will not divulge that information (which is a good thing).

The only item that would have come into question is the vest, because violent felons cannot purchase those. Yet, Holmes was not a felon.

Let’s flip the coin – I know many people that have guns. I know a few that have high power guns. I have never broke a sweat when I was in their houses. They know what they’re doing, and they don’t seem like they are going to flip out.

I believe I could get a gun without issue – I don’t have any record and I could pass the background check without issue.

Some are saying there should be warning flags when someone purchases $3,000 worth of accessories online. A national database that flags is not a bad idea. That way, those of us who purchase for legal purposes are not denied, and those who just start stockpiling in a short time can get reviewed.


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