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Geek Smack!

So we are being hit with another 100+ degree week in the midwest. It seems to take a lot out when trying to record a show. Therefore, I decided to sneak one in Monday night. I said I was going to give something away, and I did not lie. I’m giving away a Roku2 XS. The rules are simple, but you have to watch the show to find out how to win. This contest will be run this week and next week. You will have 5 chances to win – But you gotta watch the show. I’ll draw a winner on July 31st show.


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Geek Smack! episode 231 Tech News:

Facebook Users Not That Satisfied
– No wonder. They’re all whiny little B***hes Maybe they should get a Snickers Bar.
MSNBC Has Broken Up
– After 16 years, the two companies went their separate ways
AMD Details Jaguar Chip
– Wait, the chip is an old Atari gaming system?
Digg Finally Sold
– What do you do with a has-been re-aggregation site? Bundle it with MySpace and GeoCities?
Facebook Needs a “Read it Later” Button
– So I can put articles I want to read next to my utility bills and my Netflix DVDs
Sprint Launches 4G LTE in 15 Cities
– Waco, Atlanta, dallas, Houston, Kansas City get 4G
200,000 Historical Maps Almost Digitized
– A three year project is almost complete. They will all be free and searchable.
YouTube Transforming News
– Apparently, Jay-Z videos are news. Hey, BTW – come to Geekazine’s News channel on !
Nokia Lumina Price Cut
– I would be pissed if my smartphone was cut in half price-wise so soon. But I got my Lumina for free…

Geek Smack! Geek News:

Sports – 5 Bat and Ball Games the Predate Baseball
Dress – USB Cufflinks
Iron Man or Comic Con – Robert Downey Jr’s Entrance
LEGO – Rolls Royce Jet Engine
Penny Arcade
Which Summer Blockbuster did we Like

Geek Smack: Yahoo! Gets VP as CEO

As the song goes – Here we go again on our own. Going down the only road I ever know. Like a drifter I was born to walk alone.

Yahoo! – the company that is trying to sing another song called “Glory Days” – is finally made up their mind. They might actually have a decent candidate in Marissa Mayer. She was Google’s VP, now she has the reigns of the troubled internet company. I can’t really say “Giant” anymore. They kinda lost that 10 years ago.

There is only one problem. That toy has been beaten and handed down way too many times.

The only thing that stayed in some pristine fashion at Yahoo! is the business end – Yahoo! Mail and business docs. Everything else was spit up and thrown to the side. They don’t even have their once powerful search anymore.

So where does she go with the company?

Well, I did say the business end of Yahoo! is stronger than ever. I suppose they could acquire a couple companies, then become the largest on-line cloud business app provider. I would put a bid in for something like ZOHO, then circle the wagons around that. Take the free email and make it worth something again. Not the spam-ridden site we see now.

I still say the one thing they need to do is change the name. Yahoo! is so 1999. That might be the best step to get things moving forward.

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