Acoustic Research: AirPlay Wireless Frees Your iTunes Library – CES 2012

Acoustic Research

Acoustic Research

Jeremy Stoehr from Vox International stopped into the . His company is part of , Jenssen, Advent and more. He represented Acoustic Research, and their new AirPlay Audio System.

AirPlay is just that – to free you from wires. The device is a system that frees your from your PC and iTunes, then allow it to play without your house.

Acoustic Research AirPlay also has a tether option. You can expand it so the music can enter more than one room. If you want to separate one box from another tether, you can.

AirPlay is a 10 W x2 system. AirPlay will be available this April for $129.99. They are also planning and 900 MHz wireless antennas and more.

Interview by of Geek News Central for the TechPodcast Network.


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