Altair Semiconductor: Software Defined Radio Technologies for LTE Devices – CES 2012

Altair Semiconductor

Altair Semiconductor

Altair Semiconductor is a company that powers the . Currently, they are making 4G-LTE technologies. Samsung, Motorola and other companies are enabling those technologies. Oded Melamed, CEO of Altair Semiconductor, joins us on the TPN CES booth about this technology.

“LTE is about providing to a variety of devices.” Says Oded. “It starts from handsets or smartphones. Even some broadband router technologies.”

The video shows off a LGA module. It would be embedded in a device of tablets and smartphones. Also, USB dongle packaging and mobile routers for LTE broadband connectivity.

Altair Semiconductor uses Software Defined Radio (SDR) technologies, Altair Semiconductor chipsets can be tailored to a specific application requirement,enabling personalization of the device and service for the customer.

Interview by Andy and Courtney of SDRNews for the TechPodcast Network.


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