Belkin Thunderstorm: Your iPad Turned into a Better Media Player -CES 2013

Belkin Thunderstorm

Belkin Thunderstorm

If you have ever put the iPad next to the bed or in front of the couch to watch a movie, you’ve probably cupped the speaker to hear it better or tried to wire it up to the home stereo. The folks at Belkin decided to help you with a case that also gives you a better speaker.

Belkin Thunderstorm is an enclosure that you can set in front of you and hear the video or audio. Belkin Thunderstorm sets up your audio experience in 3 modes: movie, music and game mode. This is done through the Belkin Thunder iOS App


Get the Belkin Thunderstorm (30-pin) on Amazon

Belkin Thunderstorm also has connectors on the side for charging and extended listening need. The cover doubles as the stand through a simple fold. The Thunder connector will be available later this year but the 30-pin version is available now. Belkin Thunder will retail for $199. (Belkin Thunderstorm)

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central for the TechPodcast Network.

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